Two weeks on from the 2.6 challenge

It is a couple of weeks since the 2.6 challenge so we thought we’d look back on all our staff, volunteers, trustees, trainees, family, friends and supporters who either took part in challenges themselves, or sponsored them to raise money for The Island Trust.

We are incredibly pleased and humbled to say that everyone’s efforts have so far raised in excess of £6,000.  Amazing!  This will make a huge difference towards ensuring the Trust can carry on its incredible work, helping those young people who need it through the joy and challenge of learning to sail on our traditional sailing vessels.

A wide, and very imaginative, range of challenges took place: tieing 26 knots; spending 26 hours in an outside paddling pool; building a 2.6 meter high Lego construction; handwriting 26 letters; paddling 26 miles in a stationary canoe; 26 squats whilst carrying a sibling and 26 diamond press-ups in a Gorilla costume; 26 yoga poses; walking the length of the road 26 times; baking 26 muffins; cycling 2.6 miles 26 times; running 2.6 nautical miles carrying a 26kg back pack; 26 minute plank relay; ball through the hoop 26 times; catching a ball 26 times; walking 26,000 steps and 26,000 motions of a paint roller; cycling 26km; mega hula hoopathon; the three peaks from home.

From all at The Island Trust, thank you very very much for your continued support in these tough times, and we look forward to the time when we can get back on the water.

Thank you to everyone who very kindly sponsored Rosie and Daisy – they raised over £500!  Fantastic.  27 knots, because Mum added the Bottle Sling!

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