Overcoming fears

The rewards of sailing an old-fashioned ship are enormous, because the challenges are so real and the experience is so personal. This sailing adventure is compelling because it is uncontrived, springing spontaneously from the voyage and the ship itself. My child struggles with confidence on the water and feels uneasy in smaller craft.  He was so excited about going onboard a ship of this size that his initial fears were pushed to one side. He still talks about his adventures on a proper sailing ship.

Parent of JS who has autism

My daughter was terrified of the idea of sailing and we never thought she would board a sailing boat. The size of the vessel and ability to start below deck, watching an underwater camera, were key in making her feel engaged and safe. Since returning, she has become more confident with the idea of sailing and has even boarded a ferry for the first time. This is really important for us as we live on the Roseland and normally have to drive the long way around to avoid ferry crossings. Thank you for providing such a brilliant experience for her.

Parent of DR who has Downs Syndrome

It was a proper one, not like near my house, a proper one. You know… like from before… from history. Like the Armada, and Drake, and pirates and all that where they discovered the world. We did that! Just like them. Can we go again?

TJ who has autism

Ocean Discoverability with Pencalenick School 2021

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