On the water he forgets all his worries

Sailability Trophy

A very pleased Ben with his trophy.

Our son Ben has sailed twice with The Island Trust with his school, Woodeaton Manor.  Ben sailed on Tectona last year, it was his first experience of sailing and he loved it, he was so passionate about sailing that last summer he joined the local Sailability group here in Oxfordshire, and he has really enjoyed the dinghy sailing and had said on several occasions that when he is on the water he forgets all his worries, a wonderful thing for an Autistic teenager who lives life at a constant level of high anxiety.

Ben sailed on Johanna Lucretia a couple of weeks ago with Woodeaton and once again had an amazing time and came home even more knowledgeable about sailing!

On Saturday he sailed in his first Sailability Hansa regatta and to his delight came second in the class he was sailing in. We have also booked for him to do a course at a local sailing club in the summer holidays and he hopes to sail again with The Island Trust again next time the school bring a group.

If it had not been for the opportunity that Ben had to sail with The Island Trust he would not have discovered his passion for sailing which has been such a positive experience for him and something we think will stay with him for life.

Thank you so much.  Sally & Andy

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