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The Island Trust is not the only sail training organisation to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, nor is UK the only country. An ocean and a continent or two away, the Ocean Institute, Dana Point, California, USA has been forced to abandon its usual annual tall ships festival. But they are treating this as an opportunity, not a set-back and have put together a virtual, international maritime festival, with ‘participating organisations from around the world to bring maritime history, ocean conservation, and fun for the whole crew!’ It runs from 11 – 13 September 2020.

We are one of those participating organisations. John Hepburn, who runs our Ocean Discoverability project and sails on these day trips as On Board Ocean Educator, will bring together the marine science elements into a ‘Life Beneath the Keel’ session on the pontoon at Plymouth Yacht Haven and on board Johanna Lucretia. Far from being an empty desert, the marina is home to a wide variety of marine life. The stories of what lives there provide glimpses of ocean life, helping us better understand the ocean as an integrated system, of huge importance to all life on earth.

The live stream will take place on Sunday 13 September at 1800 our time (1000 their time). We will look at what lives attached to the marina pontoons, examining the smaller creatures under a microscope, which we will also use to see what we catch in a plankton net. We will also lower a baited remote underwater video (BRUV) to the seabed to see what lives down there (spoiler alert: watch out for squabbling crabs). A compilation of the best bits from last year is in this YouTube video >>

Marine life ID guides tend to follow a common format, starting with plants and plant-like organisms and then animals in ascending degrees of complexity. From tomorrow until 13 September, each day we will tell you something about these groups of organisms, starting with seaweeds.

See more about the festival at maritimefest2020.com.

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