Lots of really cool things about being out at sea

Hi, my name’s Sophia and last year with my school I went on a tall ships adventure with The Island Trust. Before I went I was really nervous because I have a fear of boats. I kept worrying about capsizing or getting lost at sea. But actually once I was on board I felt absolutely fine and I felt completely safe. I was also worried about not being with my friends but actually it’s quite good if you are with people you don’t know because you get to bond with them and make new friends. And if your friends are in the other boat it doesn’t matter because we had lots of activities and meals that we got to share with them. If you’re not a massive fan of being out at sea all the time like me you don’t have to worry because we did lots of things like rounders and football on the beach and went shopping on land.

Even though I was nervous there were lots of really cool things about being out at sea, like sometimes we go quite close to the land and you could see all the beaches and other people. We all took in turns steering the boat and we got to rig it up and pack it away again and you learn all the stuff about boats you didn’t even know existed. Apart from the sailing we learnt lots of other stuff for instance we did the cooking and cleaning. For the people who don’t do too much at home you learn all this new independence like cooking your own food and cleaning your own bed and making sure you’re dressed and packed every day. My favourite meal was when the other boat made pancakes for us so we climbed over a bit to the other boat one breakfast and had a big breakfast with loads of different pancake toppings. And on the evenings we played lots of games. Lots of people love jumping off the front of the boat into the water and into the cargo net but my personal favourite was going on the safety boat through the waves at top speed.

I can give you one piece of advice to keep on board with you it will be always go to toilet before you put your waterproofs on otherwise you’re stuck there for Ten minutes nearly wetting yourself!

I really enjoyed this residential, I conquered my fear and I’ve got a really big sense of achievement from it and I hope you will too!

Age 11yrs

March 2020

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