Gained a massive amount of independence

The staff from Cathays IYP who went on the boat trip (Tectona) were massively impressed by the last voyage. There were 2 staff and a student on placement, all of whom were aged between 18 and 20 years. There were also 9 young people, all of whom had additional needs, mainly learning disabilities with some associated physical disability; the young people were aged between 14 and 18.

Youth Workers Mia (who led the trip) and Tom, and student Aeron say:–

Not only were the sessions very informative, we learnt about how sails work and the names of them all, but the drills (man over board, abandon ship) were also run very well. The voyage not only got the young people to work better as a team, but they also gained a massive amount of independence and did things they probably usually don’t do at home, such as, helping prepare meals, washing up after themselves etc.

The experience was also very beneficial to some of the young people who hadn’t been away from home that long or ever without their parents before, the boat staff on board really helped the young people settle and when they did get homesick and a little upset the staff were amazing at helping them through that.

In addition to this I believe physically the young people came a long way, some of the young people who were very nervous to even pull a rope on the first day were helping pull up the anchor and at the front of the line pulling the sail up at the end. Here are some quotes from the young people:

‘I really liked being able to cook and pulling up the sails and I was really happy all trip.’

‘I liked steering the boat and sailing and LOVED swimming in the sea.’

‘When I went on the residential Mia gave me a list of things to pack, I did it all myself  my dad couldn’t believe it and said he was proud of me. When we stayed in the boat I learned lots of things and helped cooking and washing up, it was brilliant and I really want to go again.’

‘I’m feeling great. I enjoyed doing it.’

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