Day 9 of Life Beneath the Keel

On Sunday 13 September, at 1800 BST, The Island Trust is live streamingLife Beneath the Keel’ from Plymouth Yacht Haven as part of the Ocean Institute’s virtual Maritime Festival. This is the ninth in a series of blogs about the marine life we hope to discover then.

Day 9:  8 September 2020 | Echinoderms

Starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers, because they all have spiny skins are known as Echinoderms. In my experience they are not common in marinas.

  1. Rosy feather stars can be quite common, but then disappear.
  2. What do you call a small cucumber? A gherkin. And this (about 1cm) is a sea gherkin. At first glance, without glasses, I thought it was a sea slug, but a closer look under the microscope revealed its true identity.

John Hepburn, Ocean Discoverability Project Manager
8 September 2020