Day 13 of Life Beneath the Keel

On Sunday 13 September, at 1800 BST, The Island Trust is live streamingLife Beneath the Keel’ from Plymouth Yacht Haven as part of the Ocean Institute’s virtual Maritime Festival. This is the thirteenth in a series of blogs about the marine life we hope to discover then.

Day 13:  12 September 2020 | Mammals

We are not the only mammals to frequent marinas.

Seals will chase the mullet grazing the marine life we have already looked at, and they will hunt on the seabed too (images 1 and 2). They have been known to haul out on marina pontoons, buoys and even the boats themselves, like this sealion in the Galapagos (image 3).

Otters may hunt here, searching for fish, especially eels and salmonids, and crustaceans. An adult otter needs to eat 20 per cent of its body weight in food every day. Although shrimp traps were banned, ignoring the rule sadly drowned this one (image 4).

I have heard and glimpsed porpoises around the pontoons at Turnchapel, but late at night, and in the days before digital cameras.

In warmer waters than ours, manatees can be found.

John Hepburn, Ocean Discoverability Project Manager
12 September 2020