Schools & Groups Details & Consent Form

* denotes an obligatory field.
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This form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age at the time of completion of this form, not the date of the voyage.

    Illness, medical conditions and disability need not prevent anybody from taking a full part in this activity, but we need to be informed in advance of any issues that may affect their safety on board.

    Please provide full details of all disabilities, conditions, allergies, illnesses, recent injuries, prescriptions, current medical treatment, any medication/treatment side-effects being experienced, and any behaviours that may impact them or others during their time with us.
    If none, state ‘NONE’.*

    Below to be completed for under 18s

    If your child is taking prescribed medication, please tick the relevant box to show your instructions.*

    My child is capable of keeping, looking after and taking their own medication when requiredThe accompanying teachers/group leaders have permission to manage and administer my child’s medication at the required intervalsNot applicable

    If needed, may our sea staff administer:

    Paracetamol for mild pain relief?*

    Sea sickness tablets to ease symptoms?*



    I agree that all information provided in the box above is to the best of my knowledge full and correct. I will notify The Island Trust if there are any changes to these details before the voyage starts.* I agree

    I consent to my/my child’s photograph and/or video being taken and used in the promotion of The Island Trust and Island (Cutter) Ltd. e.g. websites, social media, printed material, presentations, funder reports (and see link to Privacy Notice below)*:

    I understand that if I/my child fails to behave in an appropriate manner, or my/their behaviour is in The Island Trust/Island (Cutter) Ltd’s reasonable opinion likely to cause danger, intimidation or annoyance to staff or others on the voyage, I/my child may be removed from the boat and sent home and that I may be required to bear the cost of this action.* I agree

    This form is valid for the remainder of the sailing season in which you/your child are sailing.

    I will notify any changes to the details I have provided in this form if I/my child sail again during that time.* I agree

    Name of the person filling in and submitting this form*:

    Information we collect, process and hold will be used to manage our relationship with you effectively, lawfully and appropriately. Our Privacy Notice can be viewed here.

    All voyages are operated by The Island Trust’s trading subsidiary Island (Cutter) Ltd.