Dick Lloyd and The Island Trust

By Charters Macdonald-Brown, Trustee

The Trust was founded in 1973 by Frank Collier, Hubert Monroe QC and Dick Lloyd MBE. Dick, the last survivor of these three, sadly died on 14 October 2022. We miss him greatly.

I have known Dick since about 1972 when I joined his London law firm as a trainee. He was a brilliant lawyer and wonderful mentor to me in my early days but sadly for me he decided to leave London and head to Devon in the 1970s. He continued working as a lawyer but throughout his life he and his wife Judy, who survives him, devoted themselves to running and growing The Island Trust.

At that time, the Trust used to send most of its young beneficiaries dinghy sailing for a week with the Island Cruising Club (ICC) in Salcombe staying on the ICC’s converted Mersey ferry, Egremont. This changed when the Trust was approached by The Frank Jackson Foundation, a registered charity, which offered to fund the building of what became Pegasus. This development greatly increased the work of the Trust which now had its own crews to employ and traditional wooden boats to maintain. Dick was not deterred and it was quickly recognised that we needed three boats in order to manage crew changes and to run efficiently. Dick put all his enthusiasm into this challenge and now we are three with Moosk and Johanna Lucretia.

What the Trust is today is a fine testimonial to Dick but I would like to get across what a human and caring person he was because this was the life blood which makes The Island Trust so special.

In our 2002 Report when we were about to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, Dick wrote:

          “…children were sent dinghy sailing, and this evolved into sending disadvantaged children both dinghy and offshore. I hate the word “disadvantaged”, as it rather stigmatises those who receive the Trust’s help. However, I cannot think of a better word and it does cover a multitude of sins. Life is pretty unfair, some people are born with the proverbial silver spoon, and others without anything, some have devoted and inspirational parents, and others have abusive parents, some have all the physical attributes you could want, others are born blind or deaf, and one could go on. They have to learn to respect each other, and to make the best use of whatever talents they may have.

…it is the right of every child to have an equally good education, which manifestly they do not. The Trust tries to redress the balance, in a very small way, by giving anybody, who cannot afford it, the experience, challenges, pleasures and the many other benefits that sailing provides. It gives children self-confidence; it provides them with the means to see that co-operation is essential if progress is to be made, it teaches them to live together, it helps those with physical and other handicaps to extend themselves and their horizons. I truly believe that sailing does all this if properly taught with enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as giving them a jolly good holiday that they would not otherwise have.”

Funeral arrangements and donations in lieu of flowers

The funeral will take place at 11:30 am on Friday 4 November 2022 at Exeter Crematorium – St Peter Chapel. Anyone who knew Dick and wishes to pay their respects is welcome to attend.

In lieu of flowers, the family have kindly requested that charitable gifts be made to The Island Trust in memory of their loved one.

Donations can be made immediately after the service, or through our website (click the button below).


The service will be live streamed through a private webcast login portal. The login and code is available on request – please email if you would like to watch the service online by Thursday 3 November.

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