A Life Changing Experience

Joe had a truly life changing experience on-board Moosk at Easter break.

He has been accepted at the naval military school to start in September 2017, he has decided that he wishes to pursue a career as a mariner!

We are delighted!

Many thanks to you all for this amazing opportunity to literally life change his whole outlook and future.

Joe is a child with an extremely deprived background, he is one of seven siblings, who are now all in foster care. No-one in his family have ever worked.

He came into care only 3 years ago, unable to read or write and with no academic skills, due to zero boundaries.

I decided to give Joe the chance to find and explore what the world has to offer, trying many different things and enjoying all and each experience.

He took to sailing like a duck to water!

Moosk was his first serious sail out on the open sea, being onboard with an inspirational captain, good shipmates and good weather, sealed his decision.

He came home and decided that’s it!

After much searching, we found a marine academy, visited and tested the travel distance and timing.

Joe has made the commitment to up at 6am, leave home at 7am, be on parade at 8.30am 75miles away! five days a week.

I could not be prouder of him.

So, THANK YOU Island Trust and all the staff, especially those on-board Moosk Easter 2017, for making such a positive change to a young man’s long term career prospects.

You have without any hesitation of saying this, turned this young man’s future around!



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