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Sailing Expeditions for Schools and Groups

The Island Trust has many years experience of providing challenging sailing expeditions for groups, schools and colleges. Our highly trained professional sailing staff will ensure that your group’s residential is a valuable learning experience as well as an exciting and enjoyable voyage.

Each sailing expedition is tailored specifically to the needs of your group, with consultation between the Skipper and Group Leader, to ensure that we are able to create the optimum learning environment. Most sailing weeks offer the opportunity to work towards an RYA certificate.

We specialise in working with those with disabilities and challenging behaviour.

We have extensive experience of working with groups of young people with special educational needs, moderate learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. We coach sailing to young people with both physical and mental disabilities, and our staff have been trained in teaching those with visual and hearing impairment.

We also run a number of voyages specifically for home educated pupils, similar in style to our teenage weeks. Contact us for more information.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of bringing your group on an Island Trust Sailing Training Expedition please get in touch by telephoning 01752 823007.

Financial assistance is available towards the cost of voyages from The Island Trust Fund.

All voyages are operated by The Island Trust’s trading subsidiary Island (Cutter) Ltd.

Watch our video and find out more about the benefits of traditional adventure sailing

Sailed along South Devon coast April 2015
I have started to gather some feedback from our sailing trip and thought you might like to pass it on to the lovely people who agreed the funding. I can tell you that it was a huge success and some of the outcomes are immeasurable.  One of my students who went on the trip wants to seek help to overcome his stammer which is something I have been encouraging him to do for two years, I believe he has the confidence to address this now because he overcame personal challenges on the Tectona and I want the people who raise the money to know the impact they are having on these young peoples’ lives.

Supported by  

Nicky Pender

Assistant Director of Effective Learning, Treviglas Community College

Sailed on Tectona July 2016
I cannot thank the Island Trust enough for supporting our trip on Tectona. It was a very special week. Once again, the trust has put together an amazing crew that worked so well with our special needs teenagers. I don’t think the crew really appreciate just how skilled they are at working with both the very tender and vulnerable youngsters and the young adults who need to be trusted and challenged. They got the very best out of our group and it was a joy to work with them.

Heidi, Fiona and the Park School Sailors

Sailed Pegasus to the Channel Islands August 2015
I stand outside Providence House and a constant stream of cars is flowing past. People are scurrying hither and thither, and there is the continual hum of urban sounds. Above it all stand the high blocks of the Falcons Estate, like great masts in this ship of concrete. That’s where we have taken these young people from, and what a contrast! Standing on the deck, holding onto the rigging as the ship sways from side to side on the swell of the sea, and nothing as far as eye can see, but water and sky, and not a sound but the wind and the lapping of the water, and the creak of the ship. There could not be a greater contrast for these young urban kids, and although they may not yet articulate it, it forms part of an experience they will not forget, and may well lead them onto further challenges to come.


Robert Musgrave MBE

Director of Youth and Community Work, Providence House